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Advice for the mom-to-be
This week marks the end of your second trimester. You may have had (or may soon experience) Braxton Hicks contractions. These are a normal part of the later stages of pregnancy. They help your body get ready for birth. For some women, they can be very mild; for others, quite painful. Let your healthcare provider know if they become regular or persistent.
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This week's FEATURE
Pregnancy: Easing the pains of labor
There are many ways to ease the pain of birth. Your doctor can help you decide what type of pain relief option will work best for you. But keep in mind that once labor starts, you might need to consider something other than what you had planned.
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Third trimester changes and challenges
You're now in the home stretch. In a matter of weeks, you'll be meeting your baby for the very first time.
Week 27
Your baby is now able to smile, kick, stretch and make grasping motions.
Hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect your teeth and gums. And healthy teeth and gums can help ensure a healthy pregnancy. To learn more, visit the "Pregnancy" section on this American Dental Association website.
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